CEED 202 | Business Intelligence.beta

Business Model

Fall 2012



Week One | Environmental Scan

Internal, Task & Macro Environments

SWOT GTBP Chapter 9 SWOT Analysis (85 - 88)

PESTEL GTBP Chapter 5 Analysing the Environment (31 - 40)


Porter's Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy

Week Two | Industry & Trend Analysis

Trade Associations                                  

List of Industry Trade Groups

Directory of Trade Associations

TrendHunting.com                  TrendLand.com                   


PSFK                                        CoolHunting.com

Week Three | Competitive Analysis

Collecting Competitive  Intelligence

Week Four | Competitive & Strategic Advantage(s)

Gap Analysis

Vertical Integration

Blue Ocean Strategy

Week Five | Risk Analysis

Limiting Factors and Obstacles

Critical Success Factors

Specific Risks and Countermeasures

Weekly Topics


201 Business Modeling

The Business Plan

203 Strategic Marketing